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In the Spring of 2017 our family received the devastating news that my husband, and the father of our 4 young kids, has Stage IV non-smoker’s lung cancer. Not knowing what our future holds, we, along with some of those we love most, have set out on a journey of creating a business together!


The Tranquil Abode is our attempt at creating an income stream for our family, providing for medical expenses, and donating to lung cancer research… all by supplying quality products for your home. We thank you for your partnership already!




Tranquil Abode Rotating Makeup Organizer | Adjustable, Spinning Storage Cabinet for Makeup, Perfume, Cosmetic, Beauty, Skincare, and Essential Oil Products | Clear Acrylic Plastic

  • TIME SAVER: No more searching through makeup bags or messy drawers... ALL of your products in one clean and orderly space. Our organizer makes your morning routine faster and easier.

  • RIGHT SIZED: Goldilocks was onto something. We made an organizer that fits a TON of beauty products without becoming the focal point of your bathroom... This one's JUST RIGHT.

  • EFFICIENT: Functions as an attractive and efficient makeup storage cabinet. The Acrylic plastic composition presents a clean and easy to maintain appearance on your bathroom counter or bedroom vanity.

  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE & ADJUST: You're not looking for another DIY project, that's why we made sure to sharpen our pencils and make this SIMPLE. No overseas instructions here folks!

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: As a Tennessee-based company, we stand by our word. If you're not happy, we're not either! If we can be of ANY assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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The Bias is Real

People tend to think of Lung Cancer as a disease that we bring about through bad habits and lifestyle choices. I was absolutely guilty of this myself; that is, until my husband was diagnosed with a non-smoker's version of Non Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC).

He doesn't smoke, he's in good shape, he works out regularly... and yet he was still diagnosed Stage IV and given a 1% chance of making it 5 years.

We have to change the stigma associated with lung cancer so that it can get the funding it needs to find better therapies! 1 in 16 adults will be diagnosed (whether they smoke or not), it's time to up the funding!

That's why I've made the decision that 20% of all profit from the The Tranquil Abode will be donated to LUNGevity, a leading non-profit that is working to finance research for new therapies as well as raise National awareness such that even more funding can be made available.

If you've bought one of our products, I thank you for YOUR partnership in this mission!

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